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Which 9 vinyl records are worth the most?

Are you a true collector who, next to having great love for music, thinks about what a vinyl record would sell for? Than this blog post is meant for you! Do not worry though, this post is also a whole lot of fun for vinyl collectors who are not looking to sell their collection. We have put some legendary, but really expensive one-of-a-kind vinyl records in a complete list, so you can make sure that you have saved enough to buy at least one of them one of these days…

Album: The Beatles – Love Me Do (EMI)
Value: € 44.600 – € 89.280

In case you have this vinyl single at home, you are very blessed, because this record has a net worth of a small hundred thousand euro. Go and check every second-hand store in your country, because there is a possibility, may it be small, that you will find this record. It is not the mainstream version of this vinyl record though, but we are talking about “the only one-sided version of this single, on which you can listen to the song Love Me Do before it was edited”. You can search the world for this great financial investment, but when you do, you hit the jackpot.

Album: The Beatles – Yesterday and Today (1966)
Value: € 42.000

This second vinyl album of The Beatles is on this list, and this is not without good reason, because many vinyl records of this band are special or exclusive. The Beatles is one of the most well-known music groups in the world, even now. The reason why they are still very popular is also because the growing enthusiasm for music on vinyl nowadays, and because of this a whole new world of fans is opening-up. The album “Yesterday and Today” can make you rich, because the cover of the record has a very daring photo on it; the members of The Beatles were photographed holding meat and a headless doll; in the ‘60’s this imagery was seen as shocking and offensive, and the day after its release the album cover was made redundant, and was replaced by another one.

Album: The Beatles – The Beatles (1968)
Value: € 706.000

In our search for expensive records many of them were from The Beatles, also their self-named first vinyl album. This album is worth close to 700,000 euro, and in 2015 it was bought by an anonymous vinyl superfan. Before it became an item in a private collection, this album was part of the private collection of The Beatle Ringo Starr. The serial number of the record is No.0000001.

Album: The Quarrymen – That’ll Be the Day/In Spite of All the Danger (1958)
Value: € 271.000

You are a vinyl collector, but you have never heard about the band Quarrymen? Could be, and you are probably not the only one. The Quarrymen, or Quarry Men, was a British music band initiated by John Lennon, and later joined by George Harrison and Paul McCartney. In short, The Quarrymen was the direct beginning of The Beatles. The vinyl record “That’ll be the Day/In Spite of All the Danger” is a very unique piece of music when you can afford it, since it is worth somewhat less than 300,000 euro. Paul McCartney is supposedly the owner of the record, so you need to dive deep into your bank account to fix this record.

Album: John Lennon & Yoko Ono – Double Fantasy (1980)
Value: € 575.000

We have to admit that chances are really small for you to ever put hands on this vinyl record, and the reason for this is as much macabre as it is very exclusive. The album we are talking about is “Double Fantasy”, of the late John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono. The reason why this record is so exclusive is because John Lennon has signed this record some hours before he was shot and killed. The macabre part is that the record was of the killer of John Lennon, Mark David Chapman. In case you ever have the chance and the amount of money to buy this record, then you would have a vinyl record of somewhat more than half a million euro.

Album: Bob Dylan – The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan (1963)
Value: € 32.300

Bob Dylan is a music legend, there is no way to deny that, so that at least one of his records would be on this list would be inevitable; in this case it is the album “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan”. The reason why this album is so epic, and thus quite costly, is because the second album of Bob Dylan already went into production when this artist decided on changing four tracks on the record. The change was passed on too late, and because of that the vinyl press was already running. The version of the album with the unchanged track list is worth a whole lot of money, so make sure to check eBay or second-hand stores, so you can find this version of the vinyl album The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan.

Album: Sex Pistols – God Save the Queen (1977)
Value: € 10.350

It is already in the name of this rock band, but the Sex Pistols were not some cute group. Of the album “God Save the Queen” there are still nine records in the world which have not been destroyed after the Sex Pistols had a fall-out with their record label A&M. The fall-out resulted in the destruction of 25,000 vinyl records of the album God Save the Queen during production. So, in case you have one of those nine, you can consider yourself quite rich.

Album: Elvis Presley – Stay Away, Joe (1967)
Value: € 22.300

The King of Rock ’n Roll obviously deserves a spot on this list, and we are firm believers that many of our readers were already waiting for Elvis Presley to show-up on this list. The vinyl record “Stay Away, Joe” is special, because it has a thirty minute recording that was especially made for a radio broadcast. The strange thing about this information though is that there has never been actual proof that this record exists, or that at least one version of this album has been for sale for the general public. Although there is no actual proof of its existence this record has been given a price tag…you know…just in case it pops-up somewhere.

Album: The Five Sharps – Stormy Weather (1953)
Value: € 22.300

Many connoisseurs will know the work of the group The Five Sharps, which became legendary for their contribution to early RnB. The album “Stormy Weather” is beyond unique, and very rare. This record of The Five Sharps was released only once, and after the group split-up. Experts call this a once in a lifetime and the ultimate doo-wop vinyl record.


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