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Vinyl releases May 2019

It is May 2019, so almost Summer! This month there are many vinyl releases of new albums, but also re-issues, cover albums, and soundtracks. So, a lot to enjoy on a musical level! Below you can find the most remarkable vinyl releases of May 2019…


Röyksopp - JuniorRöyksopp – Senior | May 24th 2019

This fourth record of the Norwegian duo Röyksopp was released in 2010. This record was recorded together with the record “Junior”, and this one normally would have been released in 2009. Special about both record was that Senior was followed by Junior, in stead of the other way around. On Senior you can find nine tracks , and these are all a little dark and grim, but also fully instrumental, you will not find any lyrics on the Senior album.  Of this album no singles were released , because it was meant as one long track, divided in different songs. The album Junior gave us up-tempo tunes which made us feel like springtime, but Senior feels like Autumn. On Senior you can listen to the song “The alcoholic”,  a romantic song about a hobo who hitchhikes on trains, and travels from city to city. In short, Senior is a melancholic record that will not please everyone, but for fans of Röyksopp this record is an absolute must-have.

Morrissey – California Son | May 24th 2019Morrissey - California Sun

On this new album of Morrissey you can only find music by huge names within the music industry, e.g. Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Dionne Warwick, Carly Simon, , Buffy Sainte Marie, and Phil Ochs. On this vinyl record you find twelve covers, which are also sung by other singers, like: Ed Droste, Grizzly Bear, Billie Joe Armstrong (front man of Green Day), Ariel Engle (member of the band Broken Social Scene), Petra Haden, and Sameer Gadhia (member of Young the Giant). Of Carly Simon you can find a cover of the song “When You Close Your Eyes”, and of Joni Mitchell Morrissey sings “Don’t Interrupt the Sorrow”. On this album Morrissey is very ambitious, because how can one make already great music even greater? Morrissey sees this matter as an absolute challenge. He will get a lot of critical notes, because not everyone is fan of covers, but we do admire Morrissey for his guts…

UB40 - CollectedUB40 – Collected | May 31st 2019

UB40 was assembled in 1978 in the British city of Birmingham during the big crisis in England. The bothers Ali and Robin Campbell wanted to fight against their boredom by starting a band of semi-professionals, so they did. This band eventually became UB40, named after the document they needed to fill-out each month to get their social welfare, the name of that document was “Unemployment Benefit Nr. 40”, shortened as UB40. Not meant to become such a success UB40 started touring with another huge band of the ‘80’s, The Pretenders. The first record of UB40 immediately became a huge hit, in the United Kingdom as well as the rest of the world. On “UB40 – Collected” one can immediately hear how this band has evolved from a socially-critical music club to a full-fletched band that songs about love and life itself. In short, you can find all the hit songs of UB40 on this record. For the real UB40 fans there is even a version of this record with gold-colored vinyl records.  On Collected you can hear the golden oldies of UB40, like “I’ve Got You babe” as well as new work from this band, for example “She’s  a Lady”, originally sung by Tom Jones, but on the Collected record this song is sang by UB40 feat. Shaggy.

Spice Girls – The Greatest Hits | May 31st 2019Spice Girls - Greatest Hits

Spice Girls “The Greatest Hits” is a vinyl release of the original Greatest Hits album that came out in 2007. Now that the Spice Girls go on tour again- unfortunately without Victoria Beckham, a.k.a. Posh Spice – this album gets a re-release on a limited picture vinyl record. On this album you can find no less than nine different hit singles of this girl group that is synonymous for the music scene in the 1990’s, like: Wannabe, 2 Become 1, Say You’ll Be There, Mama, Spice Up Your Life, Stop (Right Now), and Viva Forever. Next to this, there are also tunes on this record which are less famous, because they did not reach the nr. 1 spot in the international charts. This album has a die-cut cover, a photo inlay, and you also get a digital version of all the songs on this album. This compilation record is a celebration of the time when diamond hairclips, the bare midriff, and Buffalo shoes were all the rage.

Titanic - OSTVariety of movie soundtracks | During the month of May 2019

Toy Story Favorites, Titanic, Mission: Impossible, Marnie, Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Dessert, Notting Hill, and others

This month many different vinyl versions of the soundtracks of well-known movies will get a release, like the legendary music of Titanic, by composer James Horner, with classical music songs on it which are mesmerizing when you have seen the 1998 movie, and who can forget about “My Heart Will Go On” by Céline Dion? Next to this the soundtrack of  the world-famous LGBTQ movie “The Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Dessert’ will get a re-release; on this record you can find tracks, like: “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor, Go West by “The Village People”, but also “I Love the Nightlife” of Alicia Bridges, and “Finally” by CeCe Peniston. There will also be a new compilation of the best of the Disney Toy Story movies. All soundtrack fans will have a ball in May of 2019.

Khalid – Free Spirit | May 31st 2019Khalid - Free Spirit

On April 5th of 2019 the new album by Khalid was released on CD and streaming services, and now there is the vinyl version. Khalid is the 21-year-old King of Spotify, and the face of the current R&B scene, a status he proves with 45 million listeners on a monthly bases. His newest album, Free Spirit, Khalid describes as adult and dark. Each and every tune on this album is very serious, and that is a first for rapper Khalid; we have to say it needs to a little less adult and dark, but that is just personal taste. With Free Spirit Khalid loses his dark edge, but it is replaced by R&B that is easy to listen to, and now that Summer is on its way, this might not be a bad thing…


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