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Read about the vinyl releases of March 2019

March is here, and on March 21st Spring begins again! You will notice that the music on the radio will become a little sunnier, and maybe the feeling of cleaning your house hits you, and how to tidy-up best than by listening to some great vinyl records. In the month of March 2019 the greatest vinyl music will be released, like the new album of singer Dido, but also re-releases from legends such as Keith Richards and the epic glam rock band KISS.

Dido – Still on my mind | March 8th 2019Dido - Still on My Mind

It has been a couple of years since we heard new material from British singer Dido, but now there is the album “Still On My Mind”. On November 12th 2018 the first single of Dido’s new record was released; this track had the name “Hurricanes”. Another track which we have already listened to is “Give You Up”, and we have to say that both singles promise that there are a lot of good Dido songs coming our way. It is Dido like we got to know and love her over time, and it makes us reminisce the earlier work of this songstress, when she worked with Eminem on the hit single “Stan”. The album Still on my mind has a familiar sound, but is also very fresh and new for Dido, something which is really cool for her (new) fans, especially now her new tour is about to commence. Do not only expect the familiar Dido sound, but also dance and electro influences. On tracks, such as “Chances” and “Have to Stay” you notice that motherhood has had an impact on Dido, and that impact sounds really great.

Maria Callas - Classical DivaMaria Callas – Classical Diva | March 8th 2019

Maria Callas is absolutely one of the best opera singers that the world has ever known, and that is also the reason why new collections and best of albums keep on being released, and now there is the compilation album “Classical Diva”. This album is separated in 2 parts, work s out of Verdi’s La Traviata and works from another famous Verdi opera, Aida. The Classical Diva album has the well-known arrangements and lyrics by Giuseppe Verdi, like: Addio de Passato, Pace Pace Mio Dio, O Patria Mia, D’Amour Sull’ Ali Rosee and Ritorna Vincitor. All opera songs are sung as splendidly as can be by Maria Callas with her jaw-dropping opera voice. A must-have for the fans of Callas, who’s body of work is immense with 43 complete parties and close to 34 different operas. This album is also great when you recently started to appreciate this fabulous opera singer a.k.a. “La Prima Donna Assoluta”.

The Eagles – Hell Freezes Over | March 8th 2019Eagles - Hell Freezes Over

This vinyl record is a reissue of the original of 1994. The road that this band had walked has been quite rocky since they came to existence in the ‘70’s, and they even had their band split-up in the ‘80’s. Hell Freezes Over is the second live album of this legendary American country-rock band. By the way, the title of this album derives from a quote of drummer Don Henley to say that this band would only get back together in case hell would freeze over. On this record you can find 15 tracks, 4 of which have been recorded in a studio, and the 11 others are recorded live performances during MTV concerts. On Hell Freezes Over you can find the rock track “Get Over It”, sung by Don Henley, but also the ballad “Love Will Keep Us Alive” sung by Timothy B. Schmitt, and “Girl from Yesterday”, a country song performed by Glenn Frey. The live versions are new editions of already released songs from the album Hotel California and The Long Run. You can also find an acoustic version of “Hotel California” on Hell Freezes Over.

Sophie Ellis Bextor - The Song DiariesSophie Ellis Bextor – The Song Diaries | March 15th 2019

We all know Sophie Ellis Bextor from worldwide hits in the ‘00’s, ike “Murder on the Dancefloor” and “Groovejet”. On March 15th 2019 Sophie Ellis Bextor releases the album “The Song Diaries”, an album full of very recognizable Sophie Ellis Bextor songs, during which this singer does not hide her British accent one bit to give her tracks a cool groove. On her 7th studio album Ellis Bextor goes back to her roots, but in the mix; most songs have orchestral arrangements, which gives this album a very special kind of feel. We know for sure that the album The Song Diaries is going to put Sophie Ellis Bextor on the map again, and even nay-sayers will have to admit that they at least bopped their head while listening to the songs on this album.

KISS – KISSworld: The Best of Kiss | March 29th 2019Kiss - Kissworld

The legendary glam rock band KISS has a new record out on March 29th 2019. Do not expect any new material, but a cool overview of no less than 20 tracks, divided over 2 vinyl records. It is hard to choose from the body of work of KISS, because they have many epic songs which are all worthy to be put on a compilation record. On KISSworld you can find great rock songs, like: I Was Made for Lovin’ You, Beth, Detroit Rock City, Love Gun and Shandi. In short, a compilation that is full of hits, which the fans will love, but this album also tries to attract new fans to a music genre that is unfortunately a dying breed, glam rock. In short, rock on, because KISS just keeps on being epic, and it will be for many  years to come.

Keith Richards – Talk is Cheap | March 29th 2019

In 1988 the first solo record of Keith Richards was released. Almost needless to say that Keith Richards is a band member of the epic group The Rolling Stones. Richards made the album “Talk is Cheap” during a fall-out he had with the lead singer of The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger. On this solo record you can find 11 songs, some are more well-known than others, but this does not mean at all that this record is not impressive, because it really is. On “Talk is Cheap” you can hear what Richards thoughts were about his split from The Rolling  Stones, mostly on the track “You Don’t Move Me”. The album also has very emotional songs, such as “How I Wish” and “Whip It Up”. In the song “Talk is Cheap” Richards stays true to his The Rolling Stones aspirations, because this song could be a Rolling Stones song. Also expect tracks with a rockabilly or reggae vibe on this very diverse record that was Keith Richards’ first step in his solo career.

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