Top 5 Android game must-haves for adults

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During a holiday, in an airplane, on a camping site or a hotel, on your way to work or when you are at home; gaming is always a great pass-time with the tablets of Lenco! Android games are synonymous for great innovative gameplay, elaborate efforts to make graphics on mobile devices an absolute joy, and storylines that dive deeper than games, such as Candy Crush or Pokémon GO. In short, you can put your phone to even better use than for playing Tetris or Word Feud. Below you can find a list of 5 games that are absolute must-haves on your mobile Android device. All these games are either for free or downloadable for a small payment in the Google Play Store.

Gaming with Lenco

At Lenco we sell several tablets on which mobile games can be enjoyed. You do not need to miss out on anything with the products of Lenco, because they are portable, and thus you can carry them around with you for your convenience.


5. ARK Survival Evolved (for free)

This Android game brings you back to the Jurassic time period during which dinosaurs roamed the earth. Somewhat more fictitious is that in this game there are also human-beings who live in tribes in the same period as the dinos. These people hunt, fight, and tame the dinosaurs, in order to fight others, and collect dinosaurs. Not very realistic, but a whole lot of fun. You can have hours and hours of fun with this game that has an enormous replay value. This is also because ARK Survival Evolved has a broad RPG system, which is great for the fans of this specific game genre. By the way, this game is the mobile version of the game that came out on PC and consoles.

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4. Monument Valley 1 (€2,99) and 2 (€5,49)

As the character the silent princess, Ro, you travel and fight your way through a minimalistic landscape full of elaborate architecture, enemies and innovative gameplay. You play this game by swiping the screen, and by doing so you shape the world to progress through the different types of levels of Monument Valley, as well as Monument Valley 2. In the more than marvelous second game you do not only play as Ro, but also as her daughter, while progressing through an even bigger game world. The second game has everything that was great about the first one, but brought to the next level.

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3. Alto’s Adventure (for free) and Alto’s Odyssey (for free)

Immerse yourself in a snowy world in which your game character discovers a world that consists out of mountains, but also steep hills and gorges. Save lost lamas, and become an explorer in this world that is shaped according to the facts of everyday physics. Alto’s Adventure is a game full of adventure in a minimalistic world. In the second game of this series of mobile games you play as a dessert surfer, who discovers sandy landscapes and dodges lemurs. In this second game the focus is on all that was right in the first game, but on a heightened level, especially when it comes down to its gameplay.

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2. Rayman Adventures (for free)

Do not be thrown aback by the colorful graphics of this classic mobile game. Go together with your happy, yet crazy friends looking for all incrediballs, these eggs are spread over the vast world in which this game unfolds. You, as the epic game character Rayman, are bound to look for all these eggs in order to restore the peace and quiet of your world. Get prepared for colorful settings, smooth gameplay, funny characters, and legendary end-bosses in the enormous mobile game success made by the hands of Ubisoft (makers of the Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry franchise).

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1. Fortnite (for free)

You can also find colorful surroundings and characters in this game, next to smooth gameplay, and hordes of fans who play this game online. Fortnite is the video game of this generation, so a mobile version was just a matter of time. Needless to say, that some parts of the game needed to be downgraded for it to fit on mobile devices, but that is somehow Ok. We highly recommend this mobile game, for which you always need a WiFi connection or mobile internet. Hours of online gaming fun, in-game purchase options, and the sense of a genuine gaming community. Just absolutely great!

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