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Top 4 international Android must-have apps

The tablets of Lenco are multimedia do-it-alls –

Lenco offers, next to speakers, MP3 and MP4 players, and a whole lot of other different types of devices, tablets that run on Android software. You can download a variety of apps (applications/programs) on these tablets; practical apps, but also e.g. video games for your entertainment. Whether you would like to relax, and play a video game or read a magazine, or you would like to use your tablet for more practical tasks, Lenco offers a tablet for all sorts of situations.

A tablet for all sorts of purposes

Whether you are looking for a tablet to tackle practical tasks, or a simple entertainment device for watching movies or series, Lenco always has the best-fitting tablet for you.


The Android app top 4

On a weekly bases we post the apps you must-have on your Lenco tablet to make sure that you do not miss out on anything, and that you are always up to date. Find our top 4 Android apps of week 42 (2018) underneath.

4. Spotify (for free)

Since the moment that Spotify became the world-famous music streaming service it is now, the app of the same service nearly had any big changes. You can still stream the greatest albums of then and now on Spotify, which comes in handy on location, but also on the go. The minimal changes that have been implemented over the years contain ways to manage all your music better by making your own elaborate playlists, by pointing-out your personal favorites, and by getting the chance to follow your favorites artists and bands.

To discover the Spotify app, click here.

3. Reigns: Game of Thrones (€4,29 in the Google Play Store)

A game with a full-on Game of Thrones inspired story, in a cartoony kind of setting. Reigns: Game of Thrones is somewhere in-between a point ‘n click game and a card game. The combination makes this game exciting, as well as hilarious. And yes, this game is pretty challenging. Play as one of the famous Game of Thrones characters, and secure that you are the one who rules all the land on the Iron Throne. In short, Winter is coming…

To buy this game, click here.

2. Drivemode (for free)

This app makes driving safer, because it changes the outlook of how you interact with your mobile device on the go. With Drivemode you can use all of your favorite apps with just one type of manual navigation. You only need to swipe your screen. There is no need anymore to hold your mobile device in your hands for a significant period of time. From now on you can avoid potential accidents by using this app, and you can get everywhere safe and sound.

To download this app, click here.

1. Google Keep (for free)

Whether you need an app to keep your grocery list in or your to-do-list for an upcoming party, with Google Keep you can manage all the lists you make. The newest version of Google Keep  manages all your ideas, practical lists, brainwaves, memoires, and much more in one spot. Ideal to use on your Lenco tablet.

Get Google Keep, click here.