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Top 3 products of February 2019

Every month we shine a light on 3 top products which have done great during the month before. The reason why these products get some extra spotlight is because of more than one reason: It can be because of a specific theme that specific month, e.g. Valentine’s Day, but it can also be because of the number of products sold or the positive feedback we got back from our customers about a certain product. Below you can read which products have made it into the list of February 2019.

Lenco SCD-24Lenco SCD-24

Portable boom box with CD and FM radio function

The Lenco SCD-24 has been one of our top products for the longest of time, because of its compact, and thus portable design, but also because this device is able to play FM radio and CDs. In short, the Lenco SCD-24 has everything one can ask for when it comes down to an easy-to-use modern audio device. The SCD-24 can be used by children, but also people who are from a considerable age. You can make use of this audio device by plugging it into an electricity box, but also by the use of batteries, so the Lenco SCD-24 is very portable. With one simple push of a button you can make use of this device. The SCD-24 is available in all sorts of colors. More about the SCD-24 >

The ideal present for a (kids) birthday

We get many feedback messages from our customers saying that the Lenco SCD-24 is the ideal present for a (kids) birthday, because you can use the SCD-24 everywhere, e.g. in a bedroom. The design of this device is very compact, and thus portable, and next to this the SCD-24 is a very complete device, in which you can play your favorite CDs, but you can also listen to your favorite FM radio station during breakfast. Take the Lenco SCD-24 along everywhere, e.g. a dance rehearsal, the park or a family party.

Lenco CD-201Lenco CD-201

Portable CD player with anti-shock feature

Yes, the Lenco CD-201 is a discman. Are you surprised that this product is still very popular? We are not at all, because this very portable device is still being used a lot by people who do not want to say goodbye to their CD collection just yet, nor their MP3 CDs. There are also people who take a language course or another type of course, and the additional educational material is still put on CDs. Lenco’s CD-201 can offer a great solution for the situation stated above, and next to this the CD-201 is very portable, and can be brought along everywhere. This device has an anti-shock feature, and a clear LCD screen, and you can come up with your own playlist while playing a CD on the Lenco CD-201. More about the CD-201 >

Want to use a discman without earphones?

You can use your Lenco discman without earphones, so everybody can enjoy some great music on CDs. It is possible with a speaker with an AUX feature. By plugging in an AUX cable in the same socket you normally plug-in your earphones. Below you find 3 suggestions when it comes down to our speakers with an AUX feature, but you can also just click here.

  • Lenco BT-300: Next to its cool nostalgic appearance, this device can play the music deriving from your Lenco CD-201 seamlessly with a cable. Next to this, the Lenco BT-300 has a Bluetooth function, so you can play audio wireless. The BT-300 speaker is available in 2 cool colors. More about the BT-300 >
  • Lenco BT-200: This speaker is very compact, and it does justice to the CDs you can play with your Lenco CD-201 discman. This speaker also has a Bluetooth feature. More about the BT-200 >
  • Lenco BT-120: The best solution whenever you want to have a compact and very lightweight option to carry around in a backpack or in your luggage; use the BT-120 speaker in a park or in a bedroom, the sound coming from this tiny speaker is just great. The Lenco BT-120 can be used with the internal battery, but also with an electricity box. The BT-120 is very small…and the price is too. More about the BT-120 >

Lenco LS-300Lenco LS-300

Record player with two 2 speakers, belt drive and Bluetooth features

This record player is one of the most complete record players we offer in our range of products, because it is offered with 2 accompanying speakers. This record player is meant for people who like to have a record player with an excellent price-quality balance, but also a great wooden design. Next to this, the Lenco LS-300 is very easy to use, and because of this an afternoon listening to music becomes a true joy. More about the LS-300 >

Tips about the coolest new vinyl releases and re-releases

Don’t you know which records to buy or which one are going to be released, have a look at our cool new vinyl release and re-release list that we post on our Lenco Blog on a monthly bases. In these blog posts you can see which albums are going to be released or re-released, e.g. Waiting for the Sun by The Doors, but also new released music by modern bands or singers, e.g. Florence + The Machine and Lady Gaga. In short, every month a new list in which you can find enough tips to make a great success out of your vinyl music collection. To the Lenco Blog >