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The Lenco L-3808 record player wins Tech Award 2018

A high-end record player for newbies and vinyl purists –

The Lenco L-3808 is a high-end record player that makes all your classic and new vinyl records sound just great, and because of its modern design and incorporated new technologies this record player will be loved by vinyl purists as well as newbies alike. The Lenco L-3808 will fit every interior, because it is available in four different colors. Recently this record player won the prestigious Dutch Tech Award in the category entertainment. Needless to write that we are very proud of this prize that has been awarded to us.

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What does the Tech Award jury say about the Lenco L-3808

We had the chance to take a look at what the jury of the Dutch Tech Awards had to say about the Lenco L-3808, and we have to say that we were very pleased. They stated the following:

“This direct drive record player is highly recommended for people who do not wish to pay a whole lot of money for a record player. The Lenco L-3808 is inspired by the much more expensive Technics SL1200, and consists out of an element of Audio Technica, it has pitch control, and because of the pre-amplifier the Lenco L-3808 can be directly connected to any amplifier. Via the build-in USB interface you can make your own recordings. An excellent record player for people who are taking their first steps in becoming a DJ.”

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A record player with great features

Whether you would like to play golden oldies or hot new tracks on the Lenco L-3808, this record player always makes sure that it plays all your music as crisp as it possibly can. This record player is easy to use, thus people from all ages can make use of it. The L-3808 has a mechanical tone arm, MMC and a build-in pre-amplifier. You also have the option to play all your records in different rotations per minute (RPM); you can choose between 33 RPM and 45 RPM. Next to this, the L-3808 has a anti-dust cover to prevent the record player from collecting dust.

Transfer all your (classic) vinyl music to MP3

A great feature of the Lenco L-3808 is that you can play all your classic records, and turn them into MP3 files. You can digitalize your own (classic) music, so that you can listen to these songs wherever you are, without the need to actually have a record player present; ideal during long drives in your car. The only thing you need to do is to connect your Lenco L-3808 to a computer.