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4 Spring Products 2019

March is here, time to let the Spring time enter your home! Go explore the great outdoors, go on a weekend trip or go for a great picknick in the park. In short, it is Spring time, so let the sunshine in! During Spring time you also need the products of Lenco, because we have great high-quality portable products which are ideal to bring along on a sunny Spring trip, from portable DVD players to audio devices to play your favorite music o wherever you want. We have listed some Spring time suggestions below…

Lenco PDR-050, portable DAB+ radio with BluetoothLenco PDR-050

The Lenco PDR-050 is a compact, multifunctional radio. Play your favorite radio channels, but also DAB+ radio, and your own music with the Bluetooth function. By making use of Bluetooth you get the possibility to use your smartphone to connect to streaming services, such as Spotify* and Deezer; in this regard you can use the Lenco PDR-050 as your speaker. Go to the park for a picknick or go and sit in your own garden with your greatest hits in the background, you can do it all with the Lenco PDR-050! This Lenco device has a vintage design, and you can choose out of 4 different colors: red, black, beige and blue, and because of this the PDR-050 fits every living room, but also kitchen, and workplaces and bedrooms, but you can also bring this device along everywhere you go.
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Listen to your favorite music with the Lenco PDR-050

With the Lenco PDR-050 you can listen to music in various ways, you can do it by making use of DAB+ radio, which is the successor to FM radio, and DAB+ has more channels than FM radio. You can still play FM radio music with this Lenco device, so you will not miss out on anything. Next to this, you can make use of a Bluetooth connection with this device so you can play music from your smartphone, but also music deriving from streaming services like Spotify* and Deezer. Do not be afraid to play your music all day long in the park, because streaming services also have a feature with which you can download music, and thus you do not necessarily need an internet connection to listen to music. Downloading is included in a subscription at a streaming service.

Lenco PA-30Lenco PA-30, Bluetooth speaker

The Lenco PA-30 Bluetooth speaker is really meant to get the party started! Go into the great outdoors, invite your friends, and play your favorite music on this portable speaker. Because of the Bluetooth feature of this speaker you can change between different smartphones which can play their music on the Lenco PA-30 speaker; parties which are no fun because the music was bad belong to the past, because now everybody can be their own DJ by making use of Spotify* or Deezer playlists. The metal Lenco PA-30 speaker is as light as can be which makes this speaker very portable, so taking it along becomes a breeze. With the easy shoulder strap carrying along this speaker becomes even easier. You can also use this speaker to teach a fitness class on different locations. There are 1,001 ways to use this speaker at home or on location.
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 Classic Phono by Lenco TT-33, vintage record playerLenco TT-33

The vintage T-33 record player in the Classic Phono line of Lenco products has a very compact and portable design. This record player is integrated in a handy vintage briefcase, that is being sold in different retro colors. With the Classic Phono by Lenco product line Lenco manifests itself in a line of products which has been very popular the last couple of years, and this is “vintage or retro products with the internal technology of nowadays”. Do not expect the audio quality of yesteryear, but high quality sound that is very now, integrated in a vintage-looking product that makes you take a trip down memory lane.  Because of the design of these products they can all fit seamlessly in different kinds of interiors, since they are an eyecatcher everywhere you see them. You can take along the TT-33 record player everywhere, since it is packed in an easy-to-use briefcase, and when you take along this vinyl player everybody can enjoy their vinyl records. You can play your golden oldies on this device, but also your modern-day vinyl.
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Do you want to know which new vinyl albums will be released?

Do you want to know which new vinyl albums will be released? You can, because on the Lenco Blog, that can be found on www.lencoblog.com we keep you up-to-date about all vinyl releases, and even re-releases.

Lenco TDV-1000Lenco TDV-1000, Android tablet

In the dynamic market of multimedia products the Lenco TDV-1000 Android tablet is the product that fits this ever-changing world of products. This Lenco tablet is a multimedia device with multiple practical features, because you can use it to surf the internet, you can make use of all your apps, you can play games on it, but you can also watch movies, series, and TV shows on it; you can even connect other devices to it, like a USB flash drive, to the Lenco TDV-1000. This device is not just a tablet, it is a very compact and complete multimedia device. The TDV-1000 also has an integrated DVD player, so you do not need to miss out on anything. You can also use apps, like Netflix* and Spotify* on this Lenco tablet. With a subscription to Netflix* and Spotify* you can download your favorite music and videos, and watch them over and over again when you are online or offline. Even music CDs are no problem for this Lenco device.
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You can also make use of Netflix and Spotify without actively using the internet

What many people do not know is that you can also make use of Netflix* and Spotify* without actively using the internet, because you can download all the music and videos you want to watch when you have an internet connection, and you can watch them later without using any internet connection. Although the TDV-1000 has the possibility to watch DVDs on it, and it also offers the possibility to listen to music and watch videos which are saved on a USB flash drive, you travel even more compact when you make use of a streaming service, such as Netflix* and Spotify*. These services are easy to get subscribed to, but also to cancel on a monthly bases. We do recommend the use of streaming services on the TDV-1000, but also on the special kids tablets we sell in our web shop.