Lenco Retro

Classic design with the quality of today

All Lenco products have been designed with the utmost care, and always have “our customers” as a focus point. Next to offering eminent high-quality products, we are a brand that is well-aware of what is going on in the market of electronics. In this regard, we have a line of retro products; these are products that have a ‘20’s or ‘30’s look, or even a colorful ‘70’s feel, but have incorporated the quality of today. In short, there are products for everybody in the retro product line of Lenco, classic design with the quality of today.

Add an extra plus to your moments

The Lenco retro line of products have a recognizable, yet classic design, combined with modern technology. Many of our product also got the feature of “portability”, e.g. our retro record players and radios. From now on, you can make your picknicks or garden parties a total blast with the retro products of Lenco, because our products always boost your moments of relaxation and entertainment.

Lenco’s retro products fit every interior

Although our retro line of products has a significant design, these products fit in every interior. Whether you have a rural interior or a very modern one, a device with a timeless design fits everywhere. Our retro products are more than practical objects with a great price-quality balance, they give your surroundings a refreshing boost with their design.

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