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Mother’s Day 4 gift ideas 2019

It is almost Mother’s Day again, the ideal day to surprise all the mothers, and to be extra nice to them. Even more fun it is when you can surprise your mother with a cool Lenco product, e.g. a record player or a radio. We would not be Lenco, if we were not going to give you a couple of tips to put some extra limelight on your mother dearest…

Get inspired with the list of Mother’s Day 2019 gift ideas below:

Lenco - gift guide - moederdag - blanco2Retro record player TT-11

With the Classic Phono by Lenco TT-11 record player you give your mother a great present, because it is a record player in a small, thus compact, retro brief case. This Lenco product is ideal to bring along to a nostalgic party on location or to listen tot the greatest vinyl albums at home. The TT-11 is a vintage record player with Bluetooth, and two build-in speakers. This Lenco TT-11 also offers the option to plug-in a headphone.


Lenco - gift guide - moederdag - blanco4Portable DAB+ radio PDR-050

The Lenco PDR-050 DAB+ radio has a Bluetooth option, and it is one of the most complete and colorful vintage radios Lenco has in its range of products. Mothers cannot only listen to FM radio with his Lenco device, but they can also make use of the DAB+ radio option, with which they can find radio channels much easier and faster. Next to this, the Lenco PDR-050 offers the option to stream music, e.g. from your smartphone on this vintage Lenco device. This Lenco radio can be taken along, because of the internal rechargeable battery that lasts up to eight hours. This radio is an ideal gift for mothers who like to party or who want to relax with a drink in the garden.


Lenco - gift guide - moederdag - blanco6Kitchen radio DAR-070

With the Lenco DAR-070 you give your mother a radio that is multifunctional when it comes down to its features, but it is also a great object to put in every type of interior, that is why this Lenco product is available in two distinct wooden colors. The Lenco DAR-070 has a DAB+ channel option, but also a CD player, a Bluetooth feature as well as a USB flash drive mode, so that your mother has enough options to play music and her favorite CD shows. With the Lenco DAR-070 your mother has the best of all words, because she can listen to great music to relax with her own music on CD, USB, and Bluetooth; next to this, she has the option to listen to FM as well as DAB+ radio.


Bluetooth speaker BT-130

Especially for mothers who know their way around Bluetooth devices, e.g. a smartphone, we have a the Lenco BT-130 in our range of products. By making use of a Bluetooth speaker, you can play your own digitally recorded music, but you can also make use of music streaming services, e.g. Spotify and Deezer. Do you want a complete speaker with really great features you have to buy the Lenco BT-130 Bluetooth speaker for your mother, so she can get the party started everywhere she goes.


Lenco - gift guide - moederdag - blanco3 Lenco - gift guide - moederdag - blanco7 (1) Lenco - gift guide - moederdag - blanco11 Lenco - gift guide - moederdag - blanco9

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