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A Lenco product for every moment

At Lenco we want to offer our customers a wide range of products; products that fit into every possible part of your life, this is also the reason why our slogan is “Experience your moments with Lenco”. Our products do not only guarantee all our customers a perfect price-quality balance, but we also thought about how our products need to be easy to use and the overall design, so that we can offer you the best that Lenco has to offer.

Lenco products for at home and away

Whether you are at home or on the go, Lenco always has the right product for the occasion. For example, we offer televisions which can be used at home in a living room or bedroom, but can also be used on location in a camping car, so that you can enjoy great tv programs, and DVDs, on your camping site. In short, with the products of Lenco you can go above and beyond, and you can keep on being entertained. The tablets of Lenco can also be used everywhere you go, online as well as offline.

Dynamic products to make life easier

At Lenco we know as no other how dynamic a modern life can be, this is the reason why we offer products which can give you that ultimate feeling of relaxation and ease, but also a whole category of products which are available whenever you are looking for a product to motivate you during your moments of sports activity. Lenco has developed products, e.g. radios and record players with which you can relax alone or with a whole bunch of people, but these products can also be used during work-outs and exercises. Next to this, we offer headphones and MP3 players which you can use in the middle of the action, and which even have a pedometer, so your stats are saved, and you only have to focus on your personal achievements.

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