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Lenco presents the Lenco-MD

Innovative collaboration –

During a launch event on Tuesday November 27th 2018 Lenco has presented the Lenco Modular Design record player. Lenco has collaborated with Dutch education institution Qeske and the 3D printing store RepRapUniverse to develop this special product. The Lenco-MD is the world’s first light-weight, 3D printed record player, which is shipped to customers as a cool do-it-yourself kit.
The prototype of this record player was presented during IFA 2018, and this concept immediately received great recognition, since it was embedded in the list of the 3 best innovations of this year’s IFA.

More than just a record player

The Lenco-MD gives youngsters and many other age groups the chance to learn through technology, creativity and the universal language of music, by making your own record player; this was also the main focus point of the collaboration to develop the Lenco-MD. From knowledge you grow as an individual, and your confidence goes on the rise, take into account the power of music, and you have an innovative product that is much more than just a record player.

Environmentally conscious, modular product

The technique of the Lenco-MD is the same as the hardware and electronics behind the successful high-end L-90X record player, but the design of the player as a whole has been fully revised, and by doing so the most high-level materials have become part of the end product. The Lenco-MD is also a fun product, since you can get it 3D printed in multiple cool, current colors, e.g. orange, yellow, apple green, sky blue, white, red and pink.
Next to this, all the separate parts of this audio device are interchangeable, can be modified to your personal wishes, and they can be upgraded. The material of which this record player is made is recycled bioactive thermoplastic (PLA). This material is biodegradable, thus this record device will not leave a carbon footprint. In this regard, this product is very “now”.

Do-it-yourself quality player

People who have bought this record player will receive a do-it-yourself kit, which will be made available in 3 different types. The base product of this device, will be “modular”, which means as much as that it is upgradable and extendable with new modules, e.g. a Bluetooth speaker, but also a solar power module, that you can use in the great outdoors, without making use of fixed electricity. You can even develop your own modules, and offer them in the Lenco-MD community. The creative options of the Lenco-MD are endless.

Sum of superlatives

You assemble your Lenco-MD yourself, but this does not mean that you are not offered a high-end quality product when it comes down to the audio of this device, user friendliness and overall design of this record player. In this regard, the tone arm of the Lenco-MD is visually fascinating, and it gets rid of most resonance and friction during the actual use of the player. The Lenco-MD makes use of the high-quality AT3600 cartridge of Audio Technica, but you can also install your own cartridge. The base model of the player has a build-in stereo pre-amp, a RCA output, and a headphone jack. This D.I.Y. device is also equipped with a belt-drive, it is shock resistant, and the sound coming from the motor is as silent as can be.

How can you buy your own Lenco-MD?

Starting November 27th 2018 until Friday January 4th 2019 you can pre-order your own Lenco-MD kit on the crowdfunding page Kickstarter. As soon as the Kickstarter campaign has come to an end, the Lenco-MD will be taken into production, and mid-2019 this record player kit will be delivered to your home. There are 3 types of kits, which we elaborate on below.

3 types of D.I.Y. kits

Kit 1 – €99,-: Exists out of all electronics and hardware needed to build the Lenco-MD, and you get a license in order to 3D print all parts yourself. To make good use of this kit, you need your own 3D printer (min. volume 330x330x100mm).

Kit 2 – €149,-: This kit consists out of the Lenco-MD kit + the 3D printed tone arm and platter. The well-needed hardware and electronics are also included in this kit, and you get your own license to 3D print all the other spare parts to make this record player. You do need your own 3D printer to print this kit (min. volume 200x200x100mm).

Kit 3 – €199,-: This kit contains all 3D printed parts to assemble the Lenco-MD, included are also all the hardware and electronics to make the record player. You do not need your own 3D printer to build this package, but you can immediately start building your personal Lenco-MD.

Steps to pre-order your Lenco-MD:

  1. Create a Kickstarter account on
  2. Go to the Lenco-MD project page by searching for “Lenco-MD” on the top right-hand side of your screen, and click on the button “Back this project”.
  3. Select which kit you would like to buy, but you can also back this project by donating €5,- or more.
  4. The only thing you still need to do is choose your shipment method, and pay by credit card. Now the great wait until your Lenco-MD kit arrives can start.

Kickstarter community

The online platform Kickstarter will serve as a website to create an online community to promote the Lenco-MD, but also to ask questions, and to showcase and develop new modules for this record player. You can even become a retailer of this concept when you are an entrepreneur managing a vinyl or audio store.

The Lenco-MD Launch Party

Underneath you can find an impression of the Launch Party of the Lenco-MD, which was held on Tuesday November 27th 2018.

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