Lenco Kids

The greatest kids products

At Lenco we have thought about all possible ages in which Lenco products could play a role in a person’s life, in this regard we have also developed kids products. We have a wide range of colorful products which will appeal to all children. Think about a child’s first audio and HiFi installation, but also karaoke microphones, DVD players, and even tablets which are specifically for children. All our kids products are based on a “feeling of togetherness”, which means that as a (grand)parent you can sing, watch, and dance-along with the kids products of Lenco while being together with your (grand)child.

Products for online and offline use

We are well-aware that internet has become part of our daily routines, and that, in these days, we are kind of lost without it. Our kids grow-up with all sorts of online devices, but unfortunately we do not have internet everywhere when we are on the go, .e.g. in a car. In this regard we offer multiple products which can be used online as well as offline, e.g. tablets which can be used in combination with a WiFi connection, but can also be used offline to watch videos and play games on. Next to this, we sell portable DVD-players on which children can watch their favorite movies on the go, and on location.

Even more fun with the Lenco audio products

Kids can have fun for hours with the products of Lenco, because they can make their own playlists, consisting out of music and videos. We offer a multitude of MP3-MP4 players in our kids product range. All our kids products are designed in a sense that they can take a hit, which is quite convenient when a device is being used by a child. Kids can also sing-along with the karaoke microphones of Lenco, and by doing so they can discover their own musicality. Even greater, sing-along with your kid or listen to music together to create those special moments with the products of Lenco, and create long-lasting memories which will stay with you forever.

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