5 best children’s apps for Android

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Lenco sells the coolest (children’s) tablets with the best features for all ages. Take a look in our online store, and choose the tablets that fits you and/or child best.

Product suggestions:

Apps for kids - YouTube Kids5. YouTube Kids (for free)

The best YouTube videos for children all in one app. You do not need to worry anymore that your child is watching content that is not age appropriate. Naturally you also have the chance to customize the app, so that your child can only see the things you want them to see. A great app.

4. PBS Kids Video (for free)Apps for kids - PBS Kids

PBS always had the best age-appropriate children’s content, and on the app it is not any different. Watch all sorts of content with characters that became famous over-time, e.g. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Wild Kratts, Odd Squad, Dinosaur Train, and many other neat videos. Hours of fun with this app.

Apps for kids - Kids Doodle3. Kids Doodle (for free)

Draw the most-beautiful doodles, and make them come alive in great colorful neon. This is pure magic for children. The drawings really light-up, and the sight of them is the stuff of dreams. Hours of fun for children, and best of all this app is for free in the Google Play Store.

2. Coloring book for creative kids (for free)Apps for kids - Coloring for kids

A well-known pass-time for kids: coloring. There are a whole bunch of drawings and sceneries that can be colored. The possibilities are endless, and a great lot of fun for kids. You do not necessarily have to go online to use this app.

Apps for kids - Amazon FreetIme1. Amazon FreeTime (for free)

10,000 children’s books, TV shows, movies, and other children’s content. In short, a great lot of fun for hours and hours, online as well as offline. This app has it all.